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"PDFSwitch made it easy to convert our student certificates to PDF. We're generating thousands of PDFs, and it was better than running our own PDF generator."

Nicolás S. Arévalo,

Cofounder of

Nomad Coders Academy

Nicolás is an instructor at Nomad Academy, an online coding academy with over 20K students around the world.

Nomad Coders Academy uses PDFSwitch to deliver their student online certificates in PDF.

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Integrate PDFSwitch in a matter of seconds.

PDFSwitch's HTML2PDF conversion API allows developers to generate PDFs at low costs without the hassle of wasting time on implementing outdated and expensive 3rd Party Libraries/Software on your own managed server.

Caution: Replace the YOUR_API_KEY part with your registered API Key.
curl \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY" \
    -d '{"source":"", "page_orientation":"portrait"}' \
    -X POST \
    -o result.pdf


An all-in-one toolbox for converting your documents to PDF

High-Fidelity PDF

Generate documents, just like your original HTML, in a few seconds.

Browser Based PDF Engine

Our render engine is built upon the latest web browser technology, faithfully rendering HTML5/CSS3 and Webfonts.

Raw HTML Support

No need to make your HTML page public. We support PDF conversions of raw HTML as well as URLs.

Customize your Design

Set custom headers/footers, inject custom CSS/Javascript and much more to customize the look of your PDFs.

Capture lazy loaded items

Render your PDF after all the content you need has been fully loaded. We support three waiting options.

S3 Storage Support

We provide support for saving PDFs to Amazon S3, for cases where you do not want to download large PDFs to your server.

Use Cases

From dynamic invoices to certificates, convert your documents to PDF with just one API call.

One of our clients, Nomad Coders, an online coding academy with over 20K students around the world, uses PDFSwitch to generate PDF certificates for their students.

"It was a pain in the a** to build and host our own solution just for the purpose of converting our student certificates to PDF. With PDFSwitch, we got this up and running in no time, and it was way cheaper than other solutions out there."

- Nicolás Serrano Arévalo,


Nomad Coders

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